Some Practice Techniques

There are so many ways to practice, and with today’s technology getting you routines we’ll polished has never been easier.   We always hear in books and trick instructions to practice in front of a mirror.   When mirrors were less expensive and easier to use than a camera, this was a good idea. Now that everyone has a digital camera and you can delete the video and continue to re-use the SD card I think mirror practice should be obsolete.   My primary issue with mirror practice is how easy it is to develop blink syndrome and fail to see when you flash.

I have seen several magicians (and have also done it myself) that blink right as they execute a slight.  This is developed while practicing in front of a mirror and blinking the second you know you are executing a slight.  By not seeing the second the move happens you get a false security that the move looks good.   This doesn’t happen to everyone on every trick every time they mirror practice, there’s nothing wrong with working in front of a mirror. My opinion is you should always do a few final runs in front of a camera and also a parent or a friend.  Performing to a camera give you a real view of what your doing and how your tricks look from the front.  If it looks bad and you flash on video that’s what it will look like when you are performing it.  It will also help you to look up while your performing so you can see the trick performed from the audiences perspective.  Remember Practice makes permanent.

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