These are the services I offer.  If you have any questions about what show you need for your event feel free to contact me.

Walk around

Walk around is perfect in restaurants, bars, picnics, or other large parties that are outside or in a large building.

Birthday and holiday parties

The classic party show for kids, families, or adults.  Each party show is presented with direct audience in mind for maximum entertainment value.


I decided I will not be bringing back the stage show, This show is good for clubs, large banquet rooms, and small venues or theaters (100-600 capacity). This is a packs small plays big show with proven fan favorites that have been brought back from my original touring show.

Workshops and lectures

Large or small scale workshops and lectures for ring meetings, magic clubs, classrooms, scout meetings, conventions,  and more.


One on one lessons that are great for beginners, hobbyists, and beginning performers.

 Accepted Payments

With several payment options, it’s easy to make a deposit or pay for your event.  Payment can be prior to the event or day of.    The accepted forms of payment are:

  • Cash (day of show)
  • Check (day of show)
  • Paypal (24 hours prior to show)
  • Credit Card (day of show)