About Me

I started my interest in magic at the age of 7 with a simple magic set.  After growing my magic repertoire, I started performing at the age of 12 for birthday party’s and small events, and the shows increased with every year. At 18 I was performing professionally, traveling primarily between New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. At 21 the Keith and Tom Show began, a fun comedy show featuring myself and magician/escape artist Keith Hanshaw.  The following year, we started a magic shop which became a hangout for the area magicians and also a place where they could get shows and buy magic supplies.  Shortly after our first year, I retired from magic and started a career in theatrical lighting design.   I  design several shows and events at various theaters throughout the year have had the opportunity to work with and design for some really great people for everything from weddings to rock concerts.

Recently, while working with a friend on one of his magic routines, I got the magic bug again. I started performing only a few shows a year, and resumed lessons and consultation again when I have time in between designs.   I am now building up my website to include tutorials for members, lessons for members, a small magic shop, and more.  Membership is free and includes video tutorials, free tricks,performance tips and more.   You can sign up here.