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Gotta Hand It To You

Now available on google play!

Business card magic anyone can do.

Show your business card on your phone screen, move it around, and then pull the card right out of your phone! This simple, astonishing effect is a great way to help your clients remember you. You can use any business card, and change it at any time quickly and easily with a photo of your business card or a bmp, jpg, gif, or png image of your business card instead.  This trick looks great on phones and tablets both.

The first app released in the new smartphone magic trick series, special thanks to Master Magician Frank Bianco for both the idea and the title.  This trick is super easy to set-up and perform and requires no slight of hand.   The effect is pretty visual, once I got to actually see it performed I was shocked by how smooth it looked.  Check out the cheesy video for a brief  look at what it does and you can find it out on Google Play.

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