Performance Shows, Workshops, and Lectures

Arizona Thespians Convention

This was my second year down to the Arizona Thespians convention.   The convention consist of 2 days of multiple workshops across (at least) 2 buildings of the convention center.  I arrived Thursday, which gives me a day (evening) to wonder around downtown Phoenix. We met up an My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, if your ever in Phoenix you should try to eat there. 

I digress. This year I requested a larger room due to overfilling the first year I was there. Fridays first class was over full and we had to turn away people, the next class was average size, and the final class was only about 40 people. This was the same both days of the conference.   The kids were great, I got to meet several young magic enthusiasts, including an  S.Y.M. member from Tucson.  I always enjoy my time in AZ, the weather is always fantastic (I’ve been there every season but summer) and the streets and sidewalks of downtown Phoenix are the cleanest I’ve ever seen.  I’m already looking forward to next year.