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Mind Reading Number Magic Explaination

Effect: You ask the spectator to think of a number from1-63. You then hand them 6 cards and tell them to put the cards with their number on it to the right and the ones that don’t have the number to the left. As soon as they set the last card down you reveal the number.


To make this trick simply print the cards below on a card stock or paper, or create your own cards using the same number layout.   You can see how this trick works with my online version here. The method is simple, if you select a number and look at the cards it’s on, your number will always be the total of the numbers in the top left corner.  So if you are thinking of the number 8, it will only be on one card, the one with the 8 in the top left corner.  If it is ten it would be the cards having the numbers 8 and 2, totaling 10.